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I walk the Twil…

June 23, 2012

I walk the Twilight between the candle and the darkness.
I keep that which dwells in the unseen at bay so those who live in the light will be safe from the nightmares which seek to invade.

I willing suffer so others will not. If the time for sacrifice may come, I welcome it, My Devotion is unchained and unbound….
Who am I ?
I am a Protector

For all those who serve or have served from Emt To The Core. We Honor and thank you-


February 19, 2012

“Men are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine.”

– Sigmund Freu

The Second coming

February 17, 2012

ImageAhh and here comes round two. Now most people would think that the second child is easier because.. of course you’ve already done it once. Guess what they are wrong 99% of the time. I never got to be in the first stages of life for my oldest son, so this was a whole new experience. Newborns are easy compared to the next stage, Trust me, I learned real quick that a newborn needs about 20 diapers a day, that’s alotta changing folks.

 It is also pretty hard on your relationship, doesn’t matter what people told you. The absolute lack off sleep and the constant stress of being worried over the baby causes a huge strain. We got thru it without too many problems but it was difficult.

  The first problem we had was Jaundice, which is actually perfectly normal i found out and was simple to cure, just a few hours in the sunlight each day for a while and he no longer looked like Tweety bird. His case wasn’t that bad, however some newbies to life have to be hospitalized and placed under lamps for weeks.

  The next fun thing was when he decided to go mobile one day.. well it felt like one day anyways. I learned not to leave anything below three feet or it was gone, i caught him once trying to gulp down my sweet tea(he was one hyper baby for a few hours).

 A couple pieces of advice for the new parents: keep Milicon and Teething tablets on hand

Motorola Photon

February 17, 2012

My wife and I recently got new phones, being a tech guy i wanted the ability to do as many things as possible with my phone. In other words i wanted my pc in my pocket.

After searching for a while i finally went into sprint to get a HTC EVO while i was there looking around to make sure thats what i wanted the salesman told me about the Photon. Now i had not even noticed it browsing the web and looking through the store.. it looked like any other to be honest. But i decided to get it not because of the design but the capabilities it had. Extreme ability to multitask on such a small device, I could play a game, search the web and talk to my wife all at the same time it has a Nividia Tegra dual core processor along with 1 gig of ram. The speed at which i can change and move from application to application is astounding, you can have many multiple web windows open and running. It comes with Android 2.3 OS.

It has a very nice 8 megapixel camera and HD video recording along with a HDMI out port. It, Like most has both a forward facing and rear camera. As long as you have a decent connection Tango works great with this phone both sending and receiving. Very high resolution screen to view your videos or watch some on the web.

Now there are a couple things that need a lil work such as the battery life.. its great as long as you don't use it all day like i do.  The Photon has a kickstand on it, which would be great if they didn't put the charging port on the downward side of the phone, It only comes with 16 gigs of built in memory but of course it has a SD slot, so its easy to add more.

One thing i did find out about it that's extraordinary : The LapDock which is pretty much a screen and keyboard with a dock on the back end, turning your Photon into a Laptop. When your phone is docked you have a full Firefox browser to work with along with still being able to make/receive calls via the built in speaker and microphone. As far as laptops go it comparable in usacility to your average Dell but with internet access everywhere without the Hotspot bill.

All in all for $100 a very good phone thats not too well known

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Becoming A Dad

February 17, 2012


That Little guy up top there is my son Xander at his 1st birthday. I had not met him at the time this photo was taken, Instead i met him about six months later.

 I was 20 and jobless when i moved from St.Louis to a very small town in Missouri where my father lived, he was once again helping back on my feet( I was kinda a screw up for the first 20 yrs of my life). I looked for employment for about a week before i finally got a hit with a small gas station chain as just your everyday clerk. I had to drive 20 miles for my interview, when I walked in i was 10 minutes late and already figured I would be a no go. Behind the counter were two pretty, young women, one of which would become my wife. Needless to say i got the job and began working the next day. For my training the Manager put me with one of the girls i saw the first day, her name was Brittnee. Well as she showed me the ropes of the job we became fast friends and soon we were hanging out and having fun. I learned she had a son (yea that small man digging into the cake) he was just a year  and half old and the biological father wasn’t in the picture, as life goes we slowly built our relationship up and were dating.

  One night after a relaxing dip in the hot tub we were laying on the couch watching some movie, when this little man walks up to me and for some reason pets my chest hair and calls me kittie. Britt starts laughing so hard shes crying and I’m laying there dumbfounded(To this day I’m still listed in her phone as kittie) . This a whole new experience for me, i had young cousins and the such but never really had alot of interaction with small children. I had a lot to learn about the quirks of toddlers. Our relationship continued to progress and I started spending more and more time with them. I was scared at first even tho i acted cool to everyone, dating is one thing, taking a child under you is whole new game I learned. It was little stuff at first, waking up early for xander, not being able to go out as much, random fits because he was tired and of course cleaning up after he tried using a fork(And in case your wondering the second kid always makes a bigger mess). But i adapted, and as time went on I came to love him. After about six months of dating, I was laying him down for bedtime, after a story when i said good night to him his reply was”Good night daddy”. That hit me like a brick wall, i was still just 20 and this wasn’t my kid… or was it? Now I know that he already was at that point I had already claimed his as my own. When i told Britt she had a horrified look on her face and apologized, I mumbled something vaguely like its all good. After all the cleaning and changing diapers and potty training that came along I now look back and realize that It wasn’t truly  a “freak out” moment that I believed it to be, but it was pride hitting me, I was a father and proud to be called as such.

 That’s why I named this 2 feet in.. i jumped in with both feet forward and didn’t bother looking down. I’m  now a happy father of 2 sons, Xander who is 5 and Corvin is now 2. my life has progressed and been enriched by my children and my wife, And I will write about other subjects but becoming a father is when I truly started to live.